About Us

Fluffy’s Pet Shop is a Company that's all about celebration. We celebrate
life, our family and our pets. Our furry babies give us so much love, they
share our tears of sorrow and our tears of joy!


The company is named after Fluffy, who was full of love and life. She came into our CEO’s life in 1997 and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on the night of November 13, 2011.

We will be celebrating your pets, their birth, adoption, weddings, and the day they rescued us, and much more!!

Unfortunately, all pets are not as happy as our pets. At Fluffy’s Pet Shop we are dedicated to help STOP animal cruelty!! We will always donate a percentage of our net profit to deserving organizations,

Every week we will help dogs and cats find new homes. Homes where they will find love! It is our crusade to help as many dogs and cats to find the love and happiness they deserve!

CEO &Founder,
Martine Funari


About Martine

Martine Funari is the CEO and Founder of our company. Born and raised in Paris, as a child she always dreamed of living in the US. She realized her dream in 1981 when she moved to NYC.

Martine is now a mother and a grandmother. She finds herself lucky to have her two rescues by her side. Max and Mason, Max is a Shorkie, Mason is a Yorkie, both beautiful puppies with minds of their own. They are the most loyal and loving puppies!

Martine has always been an entrepreneur and has founded several successful ventures. Now, she hopes to help shelters saving pets from being euthanized and help dogs and cats ultimately find loving families to adopt them.