Lacey and Remi

Posted by Julia Lespier Tarpon Springs, Florida on May 31st 2018


I found Lacey in May 2004 at a local Petsmart Store who was having adoptions from one of the local rescues. The history is she was turned into Hillsborough County Animal Control and was only given a few days to live due to overcrowding, she was only 10-12 weeks old. She was in a pen with few other puppies and when I picked her up she licked my check and I was in love. I brought her home and she was Part of the family. Lacey was the first fur baby I had the privilege of raising from a baby as all of my other rescues were full grown when I got them. Unfortunately in 2015 I had to make the heart breaking decision to allow her to cross the Rainbow Bridge due to incurable medical issues. I held her in my arms one last time. Lacey will forever be in my heart.


A friend I was working with volunteered at a local shelter and she knew I wanted to get a play mate for Lacey. One day she brought me a picture of Remi who had just been dumped on the shelter doorstep a few weeks earlier and was now ready for adoption. She was only approximately 12 weeks old. I got her in June 2009. When I went to the shelter to meet her, and when they handed her to me, she put one paw on either side of my neck and buried her beautiful little face... again it was love at first site. I returned that day with Lacey for a mandatory meet and greet that went very well and the rest is history. I am blessed to still have Remi today and can't imagine life without her.