Who Rescued Who?

Who Rescued Who?

Posted by Amanda Farley on May 31st 2018

Many times in life we are faced with decisions, some big, some small, some bad and some good but all meaningful to our lives. Most of the time, these decisions can affect other people and yes, even animals.
For animal lovers, adoption is a wonderful opportunity to open their hearts and their homes to an animal who’s simply in need of a loving and forever home.

For many other people, adopting can seem scary and daunting; many people may wonder if they’re good enough for their future pet’s love or even if they have all the needed supplies and food. Many people can get caught up in the details so much so that they don’t realize that all a pet needs is simply love, a safe home, and someone who will be by their side no matter what.

Dogs are amazing creatures-they will always admire you. There is the saying, “I only hope to be the person my dog thinks I am..” that sums up our idea of a dog and its owner perfectly.

But for those grappling with the fear and the overwhelming task of adoption, simply giving love and being the best person you can be is the furthest thing from one’s mind.

The first thing many people need to realize about adoption is the rewards that stem from it. You are rescuing a pet, giving it a life well-deserved and giving yourself the opportunity to allow an animal to trust, love, and yes, even respect you.SMXLL

There is a story I heard about a woman, who out of the blue adopted a small dog; the dog was not even 8 weeks old at the time of adoption. He had been dumped in the night at this woman’s apartment complex and needed a home or else would be turned into the pound that very day by the apartment office.

This woman had no experience with dogs other than petting them occasionally at a friend’s house and to top it off, had grown up with cats. But, she knew that this puppy desperately needed a home and so she opened her doors and her heart.

After just a few days, she knew her life was forever changed, and she realized that she was the one who needed the rescuing the most, not her puppy. It didn’t matter if she’d had a bad day at work, or if she’d had a fight with a friend, she knew that no matter what, her puppy would be there for her-to cuddle, to play with, and to love her unconditionally.

So yes, with adoption, there are responsibilities, there is usually some sort of initial cost involved, not to mention the cost of food, equipment etc. but the rewards are endless. So, yes please plan accordingly, make sure you can have the dog you are looking for in your living space, make sure you know what you are looking for and most importantly, make sure you are ready for such a commitment.

But after you make sure of all of that, whatever you do, please make sure your hesitations and your fears don’t keep you from the reward of a lifetime: giving a wonderful life to a wonderful animal.

I promise you, in the end, you will ask yourself: who rescued who?

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