There Are many reasons why you may want or need to dress your dog.

Weather              Protection          Fashion

Cold Weather:

  • The misconception that people often have is that dogs and cats do not feel the cold because they have fur. It is important for your pet to be warm on cold winter days. Our suggestion is a

t-shirt for inside and a coat harness or a coat for walks.

Warm Weather:

  • Warm weather can be as harmful to your pet as cold weather. Our suggestion is a 100% breathable cotton t-shirt or a very light coat that will protect them from the heat.

Socks protect paws from cold, hot, and rough surfaces.

Clothing reduces allergies for both you and your pet. In addition, your pet wants to be as fashionable as you are!

Please Note:

While most pets can be taught to wear clothes, not all will adjust at the same pace.

Laid-back pets may adopt to wearing clothes quickly, while more sensitive pets may take longer to become accustomed to their new attire.

AS THE EXPERIENCE SHOULD BE ENJOYABLE we have a few suggestions:

  • If you sense that your pet is becoming stressed STOP and WAIT. When you return to training, reward your pet with a treat! In any situation Patience and Positive Reinforcement (treat) is the best approach for introducing your pet to fashion.
  • Start as early as possible even if you do not plan to dress your pet on a daily basis. Your pet will become more familiar with his/her fashion if introduced as a puppy or kitten.
  • For an adult dog the process is similar, Patience and Treats. You may want to start with small items like a tie, bowtie, dressy collar, etc. You can then graduate to a fashion harness and soft breathable cotton t-shirt and then introduce them to Fashion clothing.
  • Always remember the well-being of your pet must be your main concern. Some pets might not like to be dressed.

Dressing your pet can be fun and a thoughtful way of showing your attention. Fashion will also draw loving attention to your pet from others.

As the comfort of your dog is essential, it is extremely important to take your dog’s measurement prior to purchasing any item. (VIP your personal shopper is available at: to answer any question you might have). Registering to our VIP Program is free and offers great benefits.

It is recommended (especially at the beginning) to purchase a size bigger. Your pet needs to be comfortable. If the garment is too tight it might make him/her uncomfortable.


Measure your dog’s neck:

  • Use a soft tape measure to determine the circumference of your dog’s neck;

Measure your pet’s length:

  • Start measuring where the collar rests at the base of the neck and continue until you reach the base of the tail;

Measure your pet’s girth (Chest):

  • Place the tape measure just behind your pet’s front legs and pull it around to the other side. This is the largest part of your pet’s body and often where most clothes will be fastened.


We have provided a sizing chart below for you to double check your measurements.

Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns at