To put things into perspective, it is well known that preservative rich foods aren’t a healthy source of nutrients for human beings. Well, the same goes for our pets. What if we told you that commercial dog food is the equivalent of fast food in a sense? Doesn’t sound too appealing when you think about feeding your ‘child’ such harmful foods.

The myth that human food is bad for dogs is now being debunked on a grand scale. In fact, the truth is quite the opposite. Whole, human quality, fresh dog food is excellent for your pet. Not only will you see increased energy levels in your pooch, but you’re likely to save a boatload in vet bills.

Fluffy’s understands that commercial dog food manufacturers would rather you not know what is in the food you are feeding your pets, that’s why we list every whole ingredient on our containers.Our healthy dog food and vegan dog treats are Corn, Wheat and Soy FREE!

We just introduced four new organic dog food flavors that you can easily rotate in and out of your pooch’s routine. We all need variety, and rotating different ingredients and flavors helps sustain a healthy and balanced diet, while also keeping them engaged during dinner time.